Coral Casting Silicone Mat, Large

Coral Casting Silicone Mat, Large Review

Everything the small coral has and more At 18 in height,your resulting showpiece will need a verticalstabilizer (angled section in upper left corner of mat). Whencast and placed behind the coral, it provides excellent vertical support to holdthe coral upright when assembling or moving your sculpture. To create more 3-dimensional depth to your showpiece, Chef Trand has included two smaller coralarms. These can be cast and attached to the front or back of your coralstructure to add connection points for chocolate or sugar fishes.The bottomless design of these mats allows for easy unmolding. Additionally, you can put vinyl, a textured mat or a transfer sheet beneath thesilicone for added effect. You can expand or compress the flexible side walls of the matto alter the perimeter of the coral, allowing you to make many different coralshapes from the same mat.Large Coral Casting Mat makes an 18 (46.9cm) x 14 (35.56cm) casting for amenities ¢erpieces.Made of food-contact-safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450F / 232 C. Read more...

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