Artisan Silicone Mold, Floral Press Mold

Artisan Silicone Mold, Floral Press Mold Review

ThisArtisan Silicone 2-part press mold has become a standard item in theprofessional chefs toolbox. Ever need to make a flower in a hurry Just pour adaub of isomalt onto the surface, then press with vinyl for a crystal-clear look. Whencool enough to touch, remove it from the mold, flex and shape the isomalt flowerwhile it is still soft. For the finishing touch, make a half sphere from our1 sphere mold and put it in the center of the press-molded flower tocomplete the effect.Off the record, we callthis the two-minute-flower-press mold, and it is good for many more things thanjust sugar orchocolate showpiecesMade of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450F/232 C. Read more...

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