Square Sliver Silicone Mat

Square Sliver Silicone Mat Review

When a silicone mat is this inexpensive, just one is not enough.The Square SliverMat offers the same qualities as the others, but in more linear form.Each SliverMat holds the potential to create numerous modern-looking amenitiesusing only one mat. The SliverMats are also great for sugarbecause they are so thin and flexible.You can fill the mat with sugar, let it begin to set and then drape the mold inside a bowlor cake ring to add contour. When the sugar cools, unmold your new curvy shapes.We think SliverMats are great tools for developing a students creativity.See for yourselfchallenge them to see who can make the coolest micro-showpieceworking with only one matFull mat is 7 tall x 8 wide x 1/8 thick.17.5 cm tall x 20 cm wide x 3 mm thick.Made of food-contact-safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450 F / 232 C. Read more...

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