World Cuisine 47678-21 X28 CORNER SILICONE MOLD

World Cuisine 47678-21 X28 CORNER SILICONE MOLD Review

For over 80 years, Paderno (Italy) has been a leading company in the manufacturing of professional cookware and kitchen utensils. The company is constantly engaged in enhancing the quality of its products and consistently complies with the most recent laws relating to public health and safety. For this purpose the new factory in Orfengo Novara near Milan is equipped with a modern laboratory with high technology instruments (X-rays atomic absorption etc.) which enables Paderno to carry out its own chemical tests on the raw materials used and check their conformity to the standards required. Special attention is paid to the environment and to general safety. These molds are made of pure food grade non-stick silicone. Sizes and quality are designed for commercial use. They are temperature resistant from -75 degrees F. to 580 degrees F. Each sheet measures L 23?" x W 15¾". They have holes in between the imprints for better air circulation throughout the sheet to ensure even baking. They are reusable up to 5000 times. Non-stick silicone. Temperature resistant from -75 degrees Farenheit to 580 degrees Farenheit. Holes for air circulation. Reusable up to 5000 times. Read more...

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