Clink Board Set for Silicone-Mold Making

Clink Board Set for Silicone-Mold Making Review

Clink Board Set (4 Clinks & 4 Clamps)Clink Boards are used to create an adjustable mold box around an object (see photo below)so that liquid silicone can be poured over a model. Clink Boards are the single MOST ESSENTIAL mold-making tool that you will use.(A chef must have knives a mold maker must have clink boards.)Clink Boards will pay for themselves quicklyby reducing the amount of silicone required to cover your model.An efficiently sized mold box is much less expensive to fill than a randomly shaped container.These heavy duty aluminum Clink Boards are sold in sets of fourand come with four spring clamps.Each clink board measures 3 inches tall by 10-1/2 inches long,allowing you to make a mold box as small as 2or as large as a 10 square. Need a bigger or taller box Put two sets of clink boards togetherto extend or raise the box. (Comes with instructions.) Read more...

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