Silicone Sphere Mold 1.5"

Silicone Sphere Mold 1.5" Review

Add the 1.5diametersiliconesphere mold to your sphere collection. They are sure to get a lot of usePerfect for encapsulating a 1 sphere inside, this 1.5 diametersphere mold allows you to make four spheres at once. This speciallydesigned, two-part mold is self-locking so does not require rubberbands and registers so tightly together that only a small seam line is visible.The mold has 4 sub-compartments which allow the user to cast half spheres withrectangular or square plates attached to them.The half spheres with plates aregreat for posting beneath a showpiece base or to provide a little extra sugarmass (corners) for pulling a shape off of the half sphere.Our sphere moldsare made of firm silicone and do not distort when they are compressed together.Made of food contact silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 300 F/ 148C. Read more...

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