First Impressions Molds Silicone Mould - Baby - Curled

First Impressions Molds Silicone Mould - Baby - Curled Review

This high-quality silicone mould lets you easily create a beautiful baby for decorating your cakes. The mould is soft and flexible, making it easy to fill with fondant or gum paste and remove the moulded piece. After unmoulding, dust with lustre or pearl dust or colour as desired.
Size: 2½"
Materials: Silicone
Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe or wash with soap and water and air dry (if dried with a towel, the mould will pick up lint from the towel)
Product of United States
To use, knead a small amount of fondant or gum paste until smooth, dust with cornstarch, then press it into the mould (do not dust the mould itself, as this will result in a loss of detail). Pop the moulded fondant or gum paste out by gently holding the mould with your thumbs on top and fingers on the bottom of the mould and flexing it out and up. For deep or highly-detailed moulds, place the filled mould into the refrigerator or freezer for 15 - 30 minutes to allow the fondant or gum paste to set firm and to make for easy de-moulding Read more...

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